Organic & Vegan

EarthXpress is your one-stop pick-up shop for organic vegan products and food. Raw, cooked or prepared with the best of nature's ingredients, our healthy dishes and drinks are packed and ready to go. Our Seminyak store offers a selection of takeaway Earth Café & Market dishes and products, while Canggu presents Earth Marketplace products and packed foods.


EarthXpress will offer shoppers the convenience of stocking up on items from the Earth Café Marketplace; from superfood supplements, natural cosmetics and skin care, quality grains and organic vegetables and fruit.

Good food!

On the go or pressed for time? Don't give up on good food! Drop in to EarthXpress for a curated selection of your favorite Earth Café & Market products and a selection of dishes and drinks. Jam-packed with luscious flavors and the best of nature's ingredients. Whether you come in for a sit-down meal or takeaway, we offer tantalizing and preservative-free meals - to satisfy even the pickiest palate.